Special Tips For Nail Hygiene During Monsoon Season

August 05, 2021 18:32
Special Tips For Nail Hygiene During Monsoon Season

Special Tips For Nail Hygiene During Monsoon Season:- Monsoon season turns to be harsh on the skin and the skin can lead to fungal and bacterial infections soon. Like the rest of the body, nails too need cleaning and grooming all around the year. In monsoon, there should be special care taken for the nails. Here are some tips to keep your nails hygiene during this monsoon time:

Keep your nails dry: Keep extra efforts to keep your nails dry all the time and take special care for the feet and toenails. They get damaged as they get exposed to water during the monsoons. There would be dead skin cells formed during the season and there would be bacterial attacks due to the dirt. Skip wearing leather shoes during the season and prefer floaters or chappals.

Use antifungal powder: Use it to keep your nails hygiene. Apply the powder around your toenails and fingernails to prevent the infection. You can also use talcum powder or spray deodorant to keep the nails healthy during the monsoon season.

Regular Trimming: Cut your nails weekly or twice in a week depending on their growth level. They become soft because of the dampness and they can break easily during the monsoon season. So, keep them short and trimmed and keep the edges smoothen.

Avoid pointy tools:

Using of long pointy tools is quite common for cleaning the nails. Prevent their usage during this season to prevent the infections. You can use a nail brush to keep the nails clean.

Use base coat:

Use a base coat before applying nail polish to your nails and it adds a protective layer and keeps your nails strong. Also, use a quality nail lacquer remover to keep the surface smooth.

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