Special Tips to keep yourself away from Eye Infections

August 27, 2021 18:35
Special Tips to keep yourself away from Eye Infections

Special Tips to keep yourself away from Eye Infections:- Monsoon brings a fresh breeze along with a lot of problems. It is a relief from seething heat but one should be extra cautious. If you have itching, redness, swelling in your eyes, you are suffering from an eye infection. Here are the special tips to keep yourself away from eye infection:

Eye infections can spread from person to person. Always wash your hands on a timely basis. Avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers. Your hands may have germs and they can make ways to infection.

Use a separate towel and do not share them with your family members. Napkins and handkerchiefs too should be kept separate to reduce the risk of eye infection.

Avoid eye makeup as it may lead to eye allergy. Also, stay away from chemical products. Do not use rose water in your eyes. Drink plenty of water and take a break from work for every 20 minutes. Blinking of eyes can manage the dry eyes problem.

Always use sunglasses to stay away from rain water. Prefer sunglasses when you are out. Rain water is loaded with germs and bacteria and can lead to infections. Always avoid touching your eyes after the possible touching of surfaces like door handles or furniture.

Also, use eye drops as per the prescription from the doctor. The counter products are not recommended for the eyes.

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