Why give political colours to my wishes for 'get well' :Politicking Wishesh

December 24, 2012 09:18
Why give political colours to my wishes for 'get well' :Politicking Wishesh

Hope you are enjoying your special exclusive from Wishesh. We try to bring out how the public like you & me feel about the present happenings. This is just to bring out the lighter side of the issue and no harm is intended to anyone. This section includes gossips from the grapevine for reader enrichment. Do send in your comments or criticism for us to give you the best.............................................(Wishesh AarKay) 


TRS has ruined the T region: The TDP supremo in his Vastunna Mee Kosam walkathon in Khammam, at a few places faced some reluctance by a few TRS activists. Reacting to their protests, Babu addressing a gathering said,  TDP was not like TRS which wakes up once in six months and makes some flutter and later slips into hibernation. He also siad that since the last three months TDP had voiced its support for Telangana and would stand by.

Babu lashed out at KCR & Co that the whole lot had ruined the public in those parts. He ascertained that TDP never interfered in the meetings or rallies held by TRS and why are they interfering. Just because they were allies in the last election the TDP had lost miserable and the mistake ill never be repeated. Concluding the meeting the TDP supremo warned TRS of stern action if it ever tried to disturb TDP.


Nobody will believe those 3 parties: The TRS supremo KCR was authoritative in saying that public had lost faith in the other three parties, TDP, Congress and YSRCP. Addressing the victorious APSRTC Mazdoor union from the Telangana area, he said that he was proud of them for their victory. In places where Chandrababu, Botsa and Lagadapati had strongholds the success of the union was commendable.

This only showed that the people were losing hope in those parties and feel TRS is the best alternative. He added that with the help of the winners TRS would gain power in the coming elections. The all-party-meet on Dec 28 would expose the true colours of all the three parties, reckoned the leader.


Why give political colours to my wishes for 'get well': Senior Congress leader and Minister, Danam Nagendra was in for bitter criticism since some time by many in the media and political circles. There were also strong rumours that the leader would be shifting his loyalties from Congress to YSRCP soon. All these took centre-stage when the leader wished 'get well' of Jagan's sister Sharmila who had undergone a keyhole surgery and was ailing.

Reacting strongly to the criticism Danam lashed out at the media and said that Sharmila was his sister and as an ardent brother it was his duty to be beside her when she was in distress. Beyond this brotherhood, there was nothing much to read in between the lines. He also affirmed that the late Chief Minister YSR was always beloved to him and he ever respected him. This certainly does not mean that he is shifting loyalties, he added. Now what will the gossip mongers say about this daring leader with a 'heart'?




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