Government was informed before about Chennai rains!

December 14, 2015 09:54
Government was informed before about Chennai rains!

Tamilnadu government’s negligence is being considered as the sole reason for the tragic incidents took place, due to the recent heavy rains in Chennai.

There are even the proofs, to state that, it is surely government’s negligence. A few of them are as follows:

1. Reportedly, the meteorological department has informed the government on the beforehand that, heavy rains would witness the state, by the last week of November and will last up to 1st or 2nd December. But the state government did not concern about the warnings.

2. The forecasting department even warned for the second time, saying that the rainfall would be up to 50 cm, and said to reduce the water in Chembarambakkam lake, from 22 feet to 18 feet. Even then, the government took the warnings on the lighter mode.

3. As warned by the department, heavy rains hit Chennai city and it was then, people were warned that 5000 Cubic feet of water will be released from the Chembarambakkam lake. But, the officials reportedly released 10000 cubic feet of water. But to the shock, Tamilnadu government website showed that only 900 Cubic feet of water have been released.

4. On the other side, more shocking news is, by December 1st, Chembarambakkam lake has 3141 Million cubic feet of water, but just on the immediate day, i.e, on December 2nd, it was just 1134 Million cubic feet. That clearly states that, by midnight, the officials have released 29000 Cubic feet of water and the public, who were sleeping were unaware about this.

Thus the government was away from receiving the criticisms from the public and meteorological department had to face these. Reportedly, the government officials had warned the department, not to speak anything against the government, as it would defame their image.

“But, upon facing the continuous criticisms, a few of the forecasting officials spoke out  all the above facts,” the close sources said.

By Phani Ch

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