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Making Apple Juice by IPad

Hey Dave !

Don't talk to me

Why, What did I do?

Last night you were so drunk you got my iPad and put it in the blender.


Yeah, and you said you were making apple juice.


Flag maker settles after preparing flag for the formation day

News: Rs. 1.8 crore worth National flag hoisting on Telangana formation day.

Probably the flag maker has settled his life, after completing the flag.

By Phani Ch


Krishi Kalyan cess linked with Pawan Kalyan

News: Krishi Kalyan cess from June 1st.

Is it to remind that, it is the Krishi of Pawan Kalyan, that brought BJP into power.

By Phani Ch


Thieves will love Hyderabad techies

News: Hyderabad techies against late night food stalls shut.

The thieves will love Hyderabad techies, more than anyone else.

By Phani Ch


Jagan’s building in Telangana’s air

News: YSRCP operations to shut down in Telangana

Finally selling of the building he constructed in Telangana’s air

By Phani Ch


Chandrababu Naidu is next Rajinikanth

News: Chandrababu Naidu stays in Park Hyatt for the next 2 months

Time to recollect Rajinikanth’s Arunachalam

By Phani Ch


Public to receive shocks after state formation day

News: No polls near by in Telugu states.

Time for the public, to receive the shocks

By Phani Ch


Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Brahmotsavam levelled the fans

News: Brahmotsavam gets weak talk

Sardaar Gabbar Singh gone- Mahesh fans happy

Brahmotsavam gone- Pawan fans satisfied

By Phani Ch


Mummy returns in Tamilnadu

News: Amma Jayalalitha won in Tamilnadu again

That is what we call Mummy returns!


Pakistanis reaction for Sarbjit set

News: Pakistan set in India for Sarbjit

Hope Pakistanis now would not ask for the royalty

By Phani Ch


American airlines may disallow papers into flight soon

News: Economist offloaded for doing maths in flight

Now, the next step is, probably American airlines will ban allowing papers and pens into the flight.

By Phani Ch


Distrcit level wars with new Telangana districts

News: New districts in Telangana from this year

State level wars over, and next...

By Phani Ch