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    Are you concerned about your health? 02 January 2013

    In today's World of Multi tasking and Women being looked upon as better multi taskers, it is quite natural that We end up having the negative effects of multi tasking as well... and that is the diseases we will be...

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    Simple ways to be healthy... 13 December 2012

    Being healthy is not so difficult... just as you should know the technique to solve a problem, no matter to what genre it is related, similarly, you should know some tips to be healthy... here are some to help you...

    Keywords: exercise, morning walk, weight loss, good diet plan

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    Reason behind your kid's weight gain... 01 April 2013

    Want your kid to be healthy and active??? Want to know one of the major reasons for your kid's weight gain??? This is definitely less number of hours of sleep of your kid... Recently, in a survey done on 10...

    Keywords: kids weight gain, sleep of your kid, kids health, sleep of your kid

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    For a fit and healthy YOU 03 December 2012

    Work tension, day to day pressures, last moment tensions, busy life style… exercise keliye time kahaan? Well, this is the best way to escape from work out. But, for a healthy and happy life style, you being fit and fine...

    Keywords: work tension, running tips, calories, healthy diet

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    Hard time to get good sleep during full moon 26 July 2013

    The exciting news has been brought into prominence by the Swiss researchers who said on Thursday that people in actuality have a hard time getting a good night's sleep when the moon is full, even when they can't see it....

    Keywords: full moon day, swiss researchers, journal current biology, good night sleep.

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    Sleep Is The Most Underrated Antioxidant 08 April 2020

    Sleep Is The Most Underrated Antioxidant:- Sleep plays a crucial role in the health of any person. It all revolves around the hormone melatonin. Healthy deep sleep helps us in many ways. The hormone melatonin is secreted by the pineal...

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    tips for better sleep, How to sleep well at night?, simple tips to have good sleep at night, Good sleep

    Simple tips to have good sleep at night 24 August 2015

    Good sleep can make you feel better and boosts your mood. Also experts advise minimum sleep of seven to eight hours of sleep to keep diseases at bay. Here are few tips that can get you sound sleep. If you...

    Keywords: How to sleep well at night?, tips for better sleep, How to sleep well at night?, How to sleep well at night?

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    proper sleep, sleep affects, reason for your sleep deprivation, Good sleep

    Reason for your sleep deprivation 05 February 2013

    There could be n number of reasons for your sleep deprivation. But, lack of sleep affects are not just shown as dark circles around your eyes and your recklessness, there are many other affects of lack of sleep... want to...

    Keywords: good sleep, sleep deprivation, sleep, recklessness

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    Super woman... but are you healthy? 15 December 2012

    Be a working woman or a home maker... Woman is known for managing and attending multiple things at a time... and as a result, we need extra care to be taken when it comes to our health... apart from following...

    Keywords: drink water, health tips, drink water, milk

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    work load, stress, treat regular headaches naturally, Good sleep

    Treat regular headaches, naturally 18 December 2012

    Suffering with a regular headache??? Of course, this is a result of your life style and the kind of extra burden you take at work and home, relating to stress and therefore resulting in headache... there is a reason to...

    Keywords: stress free, de stressing, micronutrients, tips for headache

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    yoga trick for natural sleep, tips for proper sleep, simple tips for natural sleep, Good sleep

    Simple tips for natural sleep 10 June 2015

    According to a survey by Crampex tablex makers, it was proved that 86 percent of the population suffers from sleep disturbance. There could be many reasons for sleeplessness, here are some simple natural tips to have proper sleep. Yoga trick:...

    Keywords: tips for proper sleep, Muscle relaxing technique for good sleep, tips for proper sleep, Eyes rolling technique for good sleep

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    good sleep news, tight sleep tops, five things to remember before going to bed, Good sleep

    Five Things To Remember Before Going To Bed 13 September 2021

    Five Things To Remember Before Going To Bed:- Health happens to be the most careful factor for everyone as there is no age limit for diseases. Sleep is the need for the hour and is the best medicine for good...

    Keywords: good sleep latest tips, good sleep new tips, good sleep latest tips, tight sleep

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    Improve your quality of life! 10 January 2013

    A sound mind needs a sound sleep and a sound sleep needs a sound mind. Make one happen and the rest will follow. But how? You ask, we at Wishesh are here for that. Tensions in these office lives have...

    Keywords: walking, mental free, walking, working hours

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    Why today's kids don't get good night's sleep 29 August 2012

    Too many fizzy drinks and not enough bedtime stories are reasons why younger generation does not sleep as well as their grandparents, according to a new study. Research by the Sleep Council found that today's seven to 14-year-old children go...

    Keywords: Why today's kids don't get good night's sleep, Kid's get Night's sleep, Good Sleep at night, 58 per cent watch television

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    summer night, Sleep well in summer nights, sleep well in summer nights, Good sleep

    Sleep well in summer nights! 13 June 2013

    We experience sleepless nights when the temperature insufferably elevates. Therefore if one would be keeping windows open for allowing fresh air to move across could be one way to get good sleep. Perhaps there are multiple ways one can adopt...

    Keywords: sleepless nights, guidance to sleep well in the night, Peaceful sleep in summer nights, perfect night sleep

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    Relaxation 19 January 2013

    Do you feel it has been ages you have actually got some rest? You have been working day in and day out from past couple some time, without taking a proper break a tall... so, these two days are just...

    Keywords: boredom, boredom, tips for Relaxation, yoga

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    Trouble waking up from sleep? 19 March 2013

    Warm beds are your worst enemy in the morning when you actually have to get up early but your devil beds are pulling you from getting up. Here are few tips on how you can avoid your devils. 1) Keep...

    Keywords: go to bed, back to sleep, back to sleep, tips for wake up early

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    Proper sleep for a better day at work... 08 November 2012

    Who does not want to get a proper sleep at night, throwing away all mental and physical tensions aside??? But, thanks for a hectic life style filled with 'targets' to be completed and 'deadlines' to be met, both personally and...

    Keywords: heart attacks, sleep and dream, sleeping at office, dreams

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    Wake Up Early 20 February 2013

    Every one knows the childhood adage, early to bed, early to rise.... but practicing it, at least for the few lazy procrastinating junkies like me, is a next to impossible task. But here is a tip to make the most...

    Keywords: how to waking up early, good sleep, early to bed, early to bed

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    Health care that you ignore 22 January 2013

    Irrespective of healthy life style and food habits, you taking complete care and having hygiene food, purifying the water that you drink and even taking fresh fruits and vegetables and oil free food, some problems just like that occur to...

    Keywords: healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, good health care tips, healthy lifestyle

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