Multiple Identities Can Help Children Perform Well

July 04, 2019 18:02
Multiple Identities Can Help Children Perform Well

Researchers from Duke University in the US said that children who have been active showing so many identities have been more flexible and thought about the race and other groupings. This is a behavior that could be valuable in a diverse society. "This is some of the first research on reminding kids about their multi-faceted selves," said the study lead author Sarah Gaither.

The news and the research got published in the journal Developmental Science. Shweta Sharma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Columbia Asia Hospital in Ghaziabad says this research will help out kids and remind them about their multi-faceted selves. She admits that it is the duty of the parents to make their kids understand about the facts and various relationships they share with the people. The horizon of the children will broaden when the practice of multiple roles is introduced to them.

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