Prevent chips from crumbling

March 14, 2013 12:19
Prevent chips from crumbling

Taking chips to office for lunch? Great idea. Too bad they all got crumbled to bits by the time you reached your office. The "hot chips" chips are definitely better and cheaper than the Lays chips that you find at stores and I prefer the earlier than the latter for health reasons too. How do I manage to keep the  from crumpling you ask? Simple

ZipLoc bags is the perfect solution for such snacks that are home made too. Put in just enough chips or any such crispy snacks as you need. Blow in air and seal it inside. Take the bloated package to the office in the regular bag that you use. Win!

However, this might mean more space in the bag will be occupied by the chips but they will be protected from all the mechanical forces on the bag due to the air cushion. Also, make sure you don't put the bag right next to a hot box or the air inside will heat up and moisten the crispy chips.

Enjoy your lunch, Bon Apetit!

(AW- Anil)

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