Knee pain? Get rid of it

January 03, 2013 17:05
Knee pain? Get rid of it

At some point of time, almost all of us will experience Knee pain... as per the research, Knee pain is as complicated Back pain, leaving us in n number of problems, if not treated on time... here are some ways to get rid of knee pain;

Running plays a vital role in getting rid of knee pain... this strengthens your over all joints of your body... so, get that shoes and running wear ready, get up and go for a run every morning... the run on treadmill can also fetch positive for you.

Yoga is very beneficial for strengthening the joints in your body, so as your knees... make doing Yoga a daily routine, you will definitely find a relief from Knee pain.

Are you gaining weight more than required? Excessive weight gain is not only a hurdle for our looks but also a welcome note for all those joint, back and knee pains to rule our happiness. So, keep a check on your weight...

Include corn flakes in your breakfast... these are known to increase iron in our body that is needed to strengthen our bones and joints for a healthy 'Us'...

Here is a small exercise that would relax your knees. Lie down on your back knee folded and slide your legs slowly to a full extent and back again. Do with alternate legs. Next repeat the same lying on your sides. You can find immediate relief for your knee pain.

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