Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin

July 02, 2013 13:09
Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin

Want to look beautiful? Then you must first feel beautiful. Before you ask how, feeling good is a direct result of feeling refreshed and this can be possible only through good sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important to our health as well as looks because we are recharged after sleep.

When we don't sleep enough, the stress and sleep deprivation shows on our faces. Skin treatments and makeup become obsolete if you can only gift yourself with the luxury of a refreshing 8 hours spent sleeping.

Our bodies actively repair skin cells mostly between 11pm and 4am, according to researchers. Stress also comes down, which in turn brightens up the skin. When you wake up from a restful night, feeling better is a sure shot result.

To sleep better, here are a few tips. Take a warm bath to relax the muscles. Meditate or pray for a while. Take a leisurely walk or simply cuddle up with someone special.


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