Quality Sleep Protects From Forgetting Old Memories

August 08, 2020 17:47
Quality Sleep Protects From Forgetting Old Memories

Quality Sleep Protects From Forgetting Old Memories:- A proper and quality sleep is quite essential for good health and they are interrelated. A study from the researchers said that sleep may help people to learn continuously through their lifetime. The study was conducted by the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and it was published in the journal eLife. The researchers used computational models of different brain states which are in sleep and awake modes. The research was done in how sleep consolidates newly encoded memories and how it prevents damage to the old memories.

Maksim Bazhenov, PhD, lead author of the study and professor of medicine at UC San Diego said that the brain is very busy during sleep and it repeats what is learned during the day. The memory during the sleep plays a crucial role about forgetting the same memories that are stored. The new memories compete with the old memories. To accommodate all these, a tight sleep is needed. The study results will lead to developing new stimulation techniques during the sleep which improves learning and memory. This is important in older adults or people who are suffering from learning disabilities. Sleep is involved in many important brain and body functions. It is quite critical for the possibility of human intelligence.

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